Conver-Table : A dining table that turns into a billiard table

Traditionally, a billiard table was only used to entertain those who were playing the game. With Conver-Table, it can now become an essential part of your daily life. Indeed, being both a billiard table and a table, it is no longer a simple game board, it becomes an everyday piece of furniture, with the major advantage of transforming into a billiard table whenever you feel like it.

  • A dining table that turns into a billiard table

Having a games room at home has always been a childhood dream! Billiard is a staple in the games room, along with table football, pinball and ping-pong tables. Today, the Conver-Table makes it possible to have your own billiard table without needing an extra room. Our convertible dining table can quickly be converted into a billiard table, transforming your dining room into a game room.

Our dining table can be transformed into a billiard table thanks to 2 removable tops and will surprise your guests and allow you to offer them a game after a good evening. Obviously, this table is not only meant for dining, but can also be used for working or for any other activity.

Your convertible billiard table can easily fit into any room. Also, with its optimal size, it will be comfortable for all your guests, giving them enough space to sit.

You will have many opportunities to use your table as a billiard table after dinner, at a family party or whenever you invite your friends over. The multi-functional design of this table will allow you to entertain your friends and family with a good dinner and a good game on the same table.

  • A customizable billiard table that suits your tastes

This convertible billiard table is available with different finishes, different woods for the tops, and different colors for the billiard cloths. Blue, green or taupe, you will surprise your guests with a billiard table that reflects your own taste and that is unique.

To top it all, this table can easily be placed in any room of your house, depending on the place you choose. The many styles of your Conver-Table will make it a decorative as well as a useful piece of furniture.
Last but not least, the quality of your gaming table will allow you to enjoy it for a long time, giving you the perfect opportunity to create memories with friends, family and all your guests.
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