Conver-Table : the new dining pool table generation !


Modern billiard tables have a variety of functions. Whereas they used to be intended solely for entertainment, they can now become a part of your home in its own right, as well as an essential piece of furniture in your living space. Explore all of our unique Conver-Table billiard tables.


  • A billiard table and a dining table at the same time!

Remember every child's dream: table football, table tennis, pinball, jukebox, and right in the middle of the room, the famous billiard table! Now you no longer have to reserve an entire room for your billiard table. With the convertible table, dining table and billiard table are combined in one piece of furniture. This double function of your billiard table allows you to integrate it in any living space. The extra space that Conver-Table provides is truly considerable.

To turn your dining table into a billiard table, just detach the tabletops and that's it, you can amaze your guests after a good meal with a game of billiards! Of course, your dining table is not only meant to be used for eating, but can also be used as a desk or for any other purpose you want, thus combining business with pleasure.



  • A billiard table that fits perfectly into your environment

Choose a convertible billiard table with a design you like and that matches your interior. Indeed, the Conver-Table billiard table is a genuine piece of decorative furniture. Whereas it used to be made in a simple, classic form, there are now many styles of billiard tables with a modern design, making Conver-Table a brand that definitely stands out from the crowd. 

  • A fully customizable billiard table

Our billiard tables can be fully customized with any finish, the materials you want, as well as the color of the cloth between classic shades like green or more contemporary ones such as electric blue, light blue or taupe. 

  • Why should you buy a Conver-Table?

There are many reasons to have a billiard table that converts into a table, or vice versa, a table that converts into a billiard table. First of all, this unique piece of furniture will surprise your guests and allow you to enjoy a pleasant moment with friends inviting them to dine at your game table.

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